Wireless Smart Facial Blackhead Vacuum Acne Cleaner Remover Kit with Charging Dock

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Rose gold

This wireless smart facial blackhead vacuum acne cleaner remover kit with charging dock is a microcrystalline technology designed to clean and remove the blackhead from the face. It's gentle and safe to use and works great, making you look and feel younger. 

Facial beauty multi-function instrument details: The electric comedo suction machine has 4 different skin probes to reduce acne and blackheads, exfoliate the dead skin, nourish with essential vitamins, provide suction to increase blood flow, and tighten to remove lines and wrinkles. It is a non-invasive and non-irritating technology which can control the degree of the dermabrasion by the suction bar on the roughness of the diamond.

1.Microcrystalline beauty head:Remove horny dead skin; in addition to any part of the eyes around, it can be rough wrinkled skin, such as the body, elbow and knees and so on.
2.Big Size Circular Probe:Remove the nose blackheads and acne; in addition to any part of the eye around.
3.Small Size Circular Probe:Remove the nose and acne; remove the dead skin; v face and compact, for sensitive skin, such as eyes, can also be used for other parts of the face.
4.Oval Probe :Remove the nose and acne; remove the dead skin; v face and compact, for the eyes, nose and other parts, can also be used for the neck.

Additional info:
1.Please read the user manual before using the product.
2.This machine is not suitable for cosmetic surgery, and other parts of skin beauty surgery, pregnant women, heart patients etc.
3.Each time use it within 5 minutes. ( The device will shutdown automatically in 5 minutes)
4.Keep moving back and forth, do not keep it at the same place for more than 3 seconds, move it, or it will hurt the skin or leave bruises if you keep it on one place for too long.
5.Please tolerate the LIGHT BRUISING REDNESS. Its completely normal in the beginning! Please give it time and care.
6. Do not suck out the whelk,It can not treatment the whelk.
7.Charging: Normally charging, the LED on head of the tool is flashes. The LED will be off when it finished charging.

Before using, clean your face with warm water or facial steamer or hot towel to make pores open. Do not leave suction heads in same part for long time. After using, use some facial mask or firming lotion to shrink facial pores.

Working Voltage: DC 3.7V
Working Current: 120mA - 190mA
Rated Power: 5W
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Current: 500mA
Charging Time: 60mins
Charging Method: USB Charging
Suction Value: 53Kpa - 59Kpa
Standby Current: ≤10uA
Standby Time: 90 days. (If it hasnt been used for 90 days or longer, please fully charged before reuse it.)
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Noise Value: ≤60DB

Package Includes:
1 x  Main unit
1 x Microcrystalline beauty head
1 x Big Size Circular Probe
1 x Small Size Circular Probe
1 x Oval Probe
1 x Filter cotton and rubber band
1 x USB cable
1 x Charging base
1 x User manual

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