Pro Studio Non-Woven Backdrop Background Green - Black - White Screens

$59.00 $97.00

WOW | Compact portable design 5 x 10 feet pro studio photography non-woven backdrop background in green screen, black screen and white screen. This backdrop set provides superior images for photos and videos because of its solid material and non-woven fabric. This also helps the even light distribution across these green, black and white screens designed for professional result. Most buy all 3 screens for a pro set and consistent imaging, meaning the finished content - photos and videos will display consistent lighting absorption background - giving a higher quality production level and higher image in terms of quality of backdrops. Order your set today or get all 3 sets.

a. Color: Choice of color; Green/White/Black
b. 100% Non Woven fabric—cost effective, lightweight and ecological friendly
c. Seamless Surface—helps to soak up all the light without reflective
d. Portable and Foldable—Photography Backdrop can easily be hung, portable and great in the permanent studio
e. Multi-Application Environment—It is large enough for most photographic occasions, great for studio and portrait shooting
f. Photo Studio Backdrop Enables to Replace Muslin Cotton Backdrop
g. Size: approx.10 x 5 ft /3 x 1.6m (L * W)
h. Materials: Non-woven Fabric

Background stands are not included. High temperature steam iron is not recommended.

The creases won't affect your photography, you can flatten them by these ways:
1.Use a wet towel to wipe the creases and then use a book to press it for a few times.
2.Roll the backdrop up and put it aside.

Package Includes:
1* 1.6 x 3 m (5  x 10 ft) Non-woven Fabric Photography Background Backdrop

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