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Our face is our world. It's the first thing we and others look at. We believe that taking care of our face deserves the best of the best care but, in a natural way. Bring back the beauty and smoothness of your face with this automatic natural fruit and vegetable face mask maker. 


Beautify Yourself the Natural Way | Go Green - Go Natural


Natural & organic mask, no pills, no magic, no syringe, no botox, no chemicals - just natural fruits and vegetables facial mask for a tighter beautiful younger looking face. 


  •  Automatic 5 Minutes DIY natural & organic mask maker: No chemicals, safer and healthier mask anytime you want. Have fun in making the fruit or vegetables facial to get the smoothest effect of skin brightness, skin tightening and improve the restoration of your skin's elasticity.


  • Save time, money, and save the environment & your health: You can make your mask from: purified water and from many other life's natural elements with collagen FDA certified. It's natural to the body - environmentally friendly and safe for you to shine your skin without worrying about side effects.


  • Intelligent voice broadcasting function: The mask maker will instruct you in the process of making mask; the easy simple way. Fun, natural, and economically sound product. It's a great way to do a safe natural beauty facial mask at home.


  • Fun DIY unique safe mask: Your face is your world and let it take its natural look with a natural approach. You can mix colors of face masks by pouring fruit and vegetable juice, tea, milk, soybean milk, honey, beer, red wine, essential oils, herbs, flowers, eggs, etc with one exclusive natural collagen. 


  • Look & feel younger, fresher, and happier: Try this amazing product and you will be amazed on the results you'll get.Get everyone around you to try this natural fruit and vegetable mask maker for a smoother, tighter, and youthful face. A perfect and meaningful skin care product for women and men to look great :) 

    Vegetables and Fruits Facial Skin Care Mask

    The Perfect Gift You Can Give Yourself (Your Face) 

    Great for anyone with facial skin issues. It's a practical way to take care of your face using natural elements such as fruits and veggies mask to bring natural improvements to your skincare routine. Here are some improvement benefits listed below.

    • Help improve your facial skin's tone and brightness to bring shine to your face
    • Remove or reduce redness in facial skin including acne, etc... 
    • Remove or reduce skin pores for a smoother healthier looking face 
    • Reduce puffy face, (shrink your face to look more natural to scale) 
    • Reduce facial wrinkles when a mixture of fruits/veggies are used 
    • Helps improve brighten your facial skin (achieve lighter skin complexion) 
    • Helps improve other skin conditions for a youthful look

     Solve skincare issues using natural fruits and veggies


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    How to use it?  Super easy! Just watch the video and get our exclusive FREE gift.



    Product Specifications:

    • DIY Home natural fruit & vegetables mask maker
    • Type: Face cleansing, facial skin care mask
    • Function: Mask maker for facial - skin care
    • Collagen: 32 pcs collagen included
    • Color: White with chrome style
    • Material: ABS Plastic, stainless steel
    • Voice: English automated voice 
    • Dimension: 165 x 119mm
    • Power: 90W, 50Hz
    • Voltage: 110-220V - plugs for: US | CA | EU | UK | AUS | International regions


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Mask Machine
    • 1 x Mask Plate
    • 1 x 100ml Cup
    • 1 x Mask Knife
    • 1 x Cleaning Brush
    • 1 x Power Cord
    • 1 x Instruction Manual
    • 1 x 32 pcs Collagen Set
    • 1 x Box
    • 1 x FREE exclusive offer: see video above (limited time only)


    Tips: Follow the instructions that comes with our mask maker.  For best results, use our tips to get a smoother, tighter, and younger looking face in weeks and months. Use these tips for about 1 - 3 or 2 - 6 months and see the WOW results yourself. 

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